March 28, 2024

Ashland Ranch Easter Egg Hunt (CLICK HERE)

Please see the attachment for information on the community Easter Egg Hunt.

Jan. 4, 2024

Ashland Ranch Pet Reminder (CLICK HERE)

ASHLAND RANCH HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION NOTICE For the past several weeks, we have been receiving telephone calls from homeowners upset and complaining about other homeowners letting their dogs do their waste droppings in the Common Areas and on other homeowners’ yards.   There is a Town of Gilbert ordinance that will cite people who do not pick up after their pets on private property or public property. There are many “Dog stations” throughout the community. We added 6 more stations in 2023 for everyone’s use to help keep the community pet waste free. As neighbors of Ashland Ranch, please use these stations and if you are walking your pet inside the subdivisions, please have a bag with you and pick up after your pet.   The Landscape Company charges extra to pick up pet waste and homeowners do not need to pick up other neighbor’s pet waste, please have the same respect for the common areas and other yards as you would for your yard. If you see someone walking their pet and they leave their pet’s waste in your yard, please email us at with an address and we will send a $100.00 fine. This is a health issue for pets and your neighbors.   Thank you, all for your support, on this matter.

Sept. 8, 2023

Ashland Ranch Roof Rats (CLICK HERE)

ASHLAND RANCH HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION NOTICE Hello, Ashland Ranch Homeowners, This is a reminder. It has come to the attention of the Management company and the Board of Directors; Roof Rats have been spotted in some areas in Ashland Ranch. In Gilbert Ranch and Lindsay Estates they are many in those communities. To help keep Ashland Ranch safe from these rodents we need the help from every homeowner in Ashland Ranch that has fruit trees in their yards. These trees attract Roof Rats to the area. With this said, there are many homes in Ashland that have not kept their fruit picked or their fruit trees trimmed up and maintained. Effective immediately, the Management company will be assessing violations to any home that has not picked their fruit or maintained their fruit trees. There will be a one-time courtesy notice, then the next letter will start at $100.00, and $50.00 for each letter sent thereafter until the fruit is picked and the tree are maintained. This is an effort to control the rats from coming into the community. Also, if you have fruit trees, we are requesting you to have a Pest control company come out and set up traps in your yard and maintain this monthly. Please understand, this is a health matter for the entire community and everyone needs to do their part in helping keep the community safe and healthy. Thank you everyone for your attention and help in this matter. Sincerely, Heywood Management Company Ashland Ranch Board of Directors